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Ball Signatures of Babe Ruth at Sodality Park

It's impressive that any souvenirs have survived from exhibition games at Sodality Park where Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig played. Leland's auctioned this ball from $15k back in 2017.

Two of the baseball's most iconic figures signed this Official American League baseball, which was fouled off during action in Bustin' Babes & Larrupin' Lou's barnstorming game on October 26, 1927, played at Sodality Park in San Jose, CA. Signed after the game by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, this magnificent ball features a beautiful 7/10 signature of Ruth on the sweet spot, while Gehrig signed on a side panel in 6/10 ink. Displays beautifully as side-by-side signatures and originates from the family of the man who caught the foul ball. Comes with SGC and PSA LOAs.
Sold for: $15,168.00


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