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The End of Sodality Park

As I've mentioned in a previous post, Sodality Park was a forgotten baseball park in downtown San Jose that hosted many legends of early baseball such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Ty Cobb.

Illustration of the grandstand
Illustration of the grandstand

Over the years, Sodality was improved with better grounds and more seating in the grandstands. Below is an announcement in 1920.

Sodality Park Improvements in 1920
Sodality Park Improvements in 1920


Over the years, the ballpark hosted many ballclubs and games, including the Portland Baseball Club. See the below photo, note the Sodality Park reference in the lower left:

By the 1930's, Sodality Park field was getting old and the field was run down. Portland Baseball club demanded a new stadium be built in August 1932.

Portland Beavers demanded a new stadium
Portland Beavers demanded a new stadium

Unfortunately, the Southern Pacific Railroad claimed it's right to the land under the right field of the ballpark in 1933. They were able to avoid the wrecking ball for one more year, but it was finally torn down in 1935.

And with the baseball fraternity of San Jose, it's Sodality park for another 12 months, perhaps more. Be it ever so humble, it's the very best we have, and despite its rundown condition it's far better than none at all. It may be an eye-sore and all that, but many a cheer want up among local diamond promoters when The News announced yesterday that the Southern Pacific company had granted the park directors another one year lease, good until Novembsr 1, 1934.


Below is the location of the former field. It became a now closed OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) store. The area is now slated to be part of the Google West downtown project and will likely have either offices or housing in the future.


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