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"Al" on the Steed, San Jose Bicycle Pioneer

This photo of A.G Col was part of a accumulation of photographs that were found when cycling was just starting in San Jose around 1884. At the time this 'high' bicycle was known as the 'ordinary' bicycle and the low bicycle (what we are more familiar with today) was called the 'safety'. From the designs it's easy to see why the 'ordinary' fell out of favor.

THE above cut is a reproduction of a photograph of A. G. Col. taken 20 years ago, when the sport of cycling was in its infancy. Mr. Col is at present the president of the A. G. Col Company, and is a very prosperous and well-known merchant, and is not unknown politically, having served as County Auditor before going into the commission business. However, the above photograph represents a period in his career when he was known to everyone simply as "Al" The medal on the front of his racing suit indicates that he met with considerable success on the cycle path. At this time Mr. Col was an employee in the City store. His long, sinewy form was a familiar sight on tho old quarter-mile cycle track which the Garden City Wheelmen constructed years ago on South First street, at the junction of Second street. This track was torn up several years ago. Mr. Col also raced with considerable success on the Central Park track in San Francisco and also in Stockton and Alameda.


Mr Col seems to have lead a pretty uneventful life as a businessman. Although, A.G Col and Company was a target of a very frivolous lawsuit back in 1917. A local farmer, G. Guicci, sued him for $2.85 and his lawyer fees alone cost him many times that.


A.G Col Company had a grocery warehouse in the middle of block near 255 North Market.

A.G Col Company mid block on 255 North Market
A.G Col Company Warehouse



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