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"The Bonded Woman" SF Billboard, 1922

I love old movie billboards. This one was in San Francisco in 1922. Betty Compson was a rising Hollywood startlet and had early connections and cameos with Alfred Hitchcock. Apparently this movie was thought to be long lost until a copy was found in the Gosfilmofond Russian Archive.


I could resist DeOlidfying it.


Here's a nice synopsis of the movie in the Humbolt Times

Want to go to the South Sea Isles? Nearly everybody does, since reading the books of Frederic O’Brien, W. S. Maugham and others. Patrons of the Rialto theatre will find themselves carried away to this romantic region when they see Betty Compson in “The Bonded Woman,” her latest Paramount picture which opens there today for a run of two days.
In this offering the South Pacific archipelago is shown at its best, with enough of its worst to make the drama, Miss Compson, as Angela, goes to a dive in Honolulu to rescue the man she loves. This is a colorful scene, with dancing girls, sailors and natives, and pictures Hawaii as most people fancy it. But fate, and the girl’s wish, then remove the girl to a barren deserted island, where the denouncement takes place.
Miss Compson is supported by a very fine east, including Richard Dix, John Bowerc, J. Furrell MacDonald, Ethel Wales. William Moran and others. “The Bonded Woman,” is based on a story by the late John Fleming Wilson, which was adopted to the screen by A. S. LeVino.





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