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San Josean's bike pump invention

In 1908, H.C Brooks, a native of San Jose, invented a new way of integrating a bike pump into the frame. Pretty clever idea although the added weight seems like it would be prohibitive. Knowing modern road bike culture and how that measure weight up to the milligrams, I can see why this didn't gain popularity.

An excerpt:

H.C. BROOKS of 13 1-2 South Market street, In this city, is the inventor of a patent for carrying a pump with a bicycle which seems likely to be much used for the reason that, in addition to making it possible to use a pump at any moment without the trouble of unscrewing it from the frame or piecing it together with the tool kit, the device strengthens the frame of the bicycle being used similarly to the truss employed in several bicycles. Mr. Brooks has applied to the Patent Office at Washington for rights on the invention and has been assured that it will be taken in hand by some company making bicycles. The above photo, taken by the Tucker Gallery, shows how the device works on a bicycle.

Here's the patent #905642

You can read more about do a deeper dive on the patent here


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